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oxalica e19ca9cbfe
Reorganize and clean up examples 1 month ago
Katharina Fey f07e96ade7 Squashed 'infra/libkookie/nixpkgs/stable/' content from commit 91903ceb294 2 months ago
Niklas Hambüchen 3c29ced243 CONTRIBUTING.md: Move to repo root, where it is more visible. 3 months ago
Robert Schütz c4e6cc7596 README: replace 20.09 with 21.05 3 months ago
Graham Christensen 499952f44e
README: just IRC, not "other channels" 4 months ago
Graham Christensen f2a4f72ba3
README: point to Matrix 4 months ago
Robert Schütz 19b491249c README.md: mention SEPA transfers 4 months ago
oxalica d2ab727524
Fix obsolete content in README 4 months ago
oxalica 3f5120e6be
Tweak docs 5 months ago
oxalica 55b946ef29
Add helper `selectLatestNightlyWith` 5 months ago
Alex 88262ab95b
Add `devShell` example (#31) 5 months ago
oxalica 5f9d317ebb
Prefer profiles for stable toolchains 6 months ago
oxalica e471233057
Update README for profiles 6 months ago
Katharina Fey 54b4077436
Updating READMEs 7 months ago
Katharina Fey 953d1e1a1d
Updating image links in READMEs 7 months ago
Katharina Fey 227ce38c4c Update 'README.md' 7 months ago
oxalica 0bb9ef6d8b
Add example for cross compilation env 8 months ago
oxalica 038f0fb575
Add `fromRustcRev` for rust component development 8 months ago
Ivan Babrou cc89be5a30
docs: remove stray ` from README.md 8 months ago
Robert Helgesson cb1ed0d2f3
docs: rephrase warning section slightly 8 months ago
Aleksey Kladov 32371301d3
doc: clarify what is user environment 8 months ago
oxalica a04ffd9804
Add support for beta channel 9 months ago
oxalica 7bf1c7a62c
Fix README 9 months ago
oxalica 926e333455
Add support for legacy rust-toolchain 9 months ago
oxalica b6fde02915
Add support for `fromRustupToolchain` 9 months ago
Milan Pässler d19854992f
remove flake 9 months ago
oxalica a9cf18db73
Add badges and fix README 9 months ago
oxalica 40e2748d32
Tweak flake outputs and README 9 months ago
oxalica cc5400bc8e
Add README and license 9 months ago
Vojtěch Káně 374649a15b
docs: some extension for flakes users 9 months ago
David Arnold ca7fd5a643
readme: use less ambiguous user name in example 9 months ago
Katharina Fey ea1e3e0afd README: updating note about large repositories 11 months ago
Katharina Fey 55a27a41d7 README: adding logo to header 11 months ago
Katharina Fey 195f31b4cd README: Updating docs description, and text flow 11 months ago
Katharina Fey c624a885ad README: adding note about handling large git repositories 11 months ago
Katharina Fey 221c787583 README: Updating directry structure table 11 months ago
Katharina Fey f56286e4c4 README: Updating directory structure table and adding license info 11 months ago
bobfp 2b1892e646
docs: make nix-channel choice more clear 9 months ago
Roosembert Palacios 6dc8de259a
flake: expose Home Manager lib 10 months ago
Ryan Mulligan 82657dc074 readme: update reference to number of packages 10 months ago
Jonathan Ringer 9f1022241e
README.md: bump pkg count to 60k 11 months ago
Robert Helgesson 072a6ea333
docs: change stable from 20.03 to 20.09 11 months ago
Katharina Fey 4e09fe2509
No new horror can be more terrible than the daily torture of software development 11 months ago
Ivan Tham a98ec6ec15
readme: mention that Nix 2.4 is not supported 11 months ago
Jonathan Ringer 366bebd53a README.md: update stable release links 1 year ago
Niklas Hambüchen abaebf3b34
README: Remove dangling reference to IcedTea 11 months ago
zimbatm 9cf5f764e1
tree-wide: update link to the doc 11 months ago
Milan Pässler 19c7ddf652 readme: seabios is supported now 11 months ago
Milan Pässler 1c50c5a76e improve readme 11 months ago
Milan Pässler b00e192187 add shortcut for use with flake-compat 11 months ago