My personal project and infrastructure archive
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This repository contains a wide variety of projects that I develop in my free time, mostly for fun. This directory contains documentation for many of these projects, as well as the monorepo itself.

Furthermore I will keep track of TODO lists and incidence logs on my infrastructure (that don't contain any sensitive information) in this directory tree as well.

Why a monorepo

I start a lot of projects in my free time. I'm prone to having ideas and only seeing them through half way, or starting many small projects that each don't take up that much time to create, but then get forgotten about and never maintained again.

Creating a repository, CI jobs, documentation, etc for each of these small projects started taking up a lot of effort on my part, so creating a monorepo, to keep them all in a single place, started as an attepmt to de-duplicate work for myself.

At the same time I like the idea of having a shared history of my work and a single repository I can clone (or point people to) to get a good picture of the work that I do outside of my day-job or software research work.


Following is a list of general pages.