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An emacs major mode for writing novels, short stories, and other forms of prose. novelist-mode manages your projects data files, chapter layouts, and additional story metadata. Supports externally linked universes, to allow sharing notes between projects.

Emacs is a extensible free software text editor, providing the engine for novelist-mode.


novelist-mode helps you manage your projects and story resources. It uses interactive menus in emacs to achieve this. All functions are also directly callable, to be used in your own keybindings.

  • `novelist-project-create` create a new project structure on disk

  • `novelist-add (type, name, path)` add a new resource to the project

  • `novelist-delete (path, &optional purge)` soft-remove a resource from the project, moving it to trash, or optionally actually deleting it.

  • `novelist-path-overview` toggle the project explorer sidebar

  • `novelist-path-notes (&optional path)` show note buffer for selected path (or any other if given the argument)

  • `novelist-path-metadata (&optional path)` show metadata panel for selected path (or any other)


A project is structured into chapter and scenes. When exporting a section, all children will be concatinated according to the export config (for example put ` - * - ` separator between sections).

Additionally to the main script part of your project there are associated resources available. When writing, you might want to swap out parts, build alternative timelines to see which one might play better, or just have notes on your characters and universe. When adding a resource you will be asked for a template (or blank). When creating a templated resource, it will be sorted into the appropriate category (for example characters, or place-descriptions). These parts will not be exported from your project, even when you select the entire project for export.

Following is a picture of an early demo of novelist-mode!